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Blessed Gratia of Kotor

Blessed Gratia was born in 1438, on the coast of Dalmatia in a town called Kotor close to the modern day country of Albania. He followed in his footsteps and took upon the family trade of being a sailor, working on several merchant ships that took him around the world. When he visited the town of Venice, he found himself completely captured by a sermon being preached by Simon of Camerino in the Augustinian churhc of Saint Stephen.

The sermon had such an effect on him that he gave up his trade and entered the Augustinian Order as a brother, taking the Christian name Gratia for the gratitude of the gifts God has given him. He joined the brothers at the community Simon had formed near Padua, living a life of prayer, austerity and penance. He would eventually follow Simon to the friary of Saint Christopher in Venice. The people of Venice greatly loved Gratia here, frequently coming to him for advice, prayer and help. He died in Venice at this friary on November 8th, 1508.

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