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Can you hear it?

Listen closely, you may have to go to a quiet room to hear it - the world today is screaming, shouting, begging for radical Christianity. The poor, the widowed , the elderly, the needy, the children, the refugee, the abuse victim, they are shouting for it. They are begging for the ordinary to become extraordinary, they are pleading for Saints.

Everyday we walk past the beggar on the street. We run inside a shop or under an awning when it rains, not even thinking of the homeless man trapped under the flimsy protection of a tree (if that!). We hear every day of the orphanages, how the foster system is broken with child after child needing our love and our attention. The elderly who can't afford their medicine this month, the poor who are trying to decide which meals to skip this week. They aren't in need of another Christian who goes to church on Sunday and returns to normal after they walk out the door.

The prisoners in jail are reaching, screaming, shouting for love. There are plenty of voices telling them of their sin and plenty of avenues back into that sin both in jail and outside. The voices needed are those of our Lord and Savior, voices telling them they are loved, they are cherished and that their victory is waiting for them.

Now that you hear them, the question is, how do you answer them? The world doesn't need more football fanatics, movie buffs, or theme park aficionados - it needs Saints. It needs the every day, small acts of love, charity and faith. The kingdom of God is here, its ready for your membership. Allow yourself to be fully transformed, let yourself be the light that can not be extinguished leading the community around you to holiness.

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