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Father Adriano da Silva Barros

Father Adriano, just 36 years old and having been ordained only five months prior, was found dead on October 14th, 2020 near Manhumrim, Brazil. Police had been searching for him for almost 24 hours after his parish faithful reported him missing. A local farmer saw smoke from afar an dafter investigating the fire to find a body, immediately contacted the police. Father Adriano had been stabbed several times before his body was set on fire.

In a statement to Agenzia Fides from the Diocese of Caratinga, the diocese said:

"In the firm hope of the resurrection, we bless God for his fruitful priestly ministry, lived with zeal and fervor, in these five months, since his ordination on May 3",

The funeral was celebrated on October 15th in the parish of Martins Soares where he was originally from and presided over by the Bishop of Caratinga, Mgr. Emanuel Messias de Oliveira. Police believe the murder was tied to a robbery.

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