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Manche Masemola

Born sometime in the year 1931, Masemola was born in a small village near Jane Furse, South Africa. Against the wishes of their parents, both Masemola and her cousin Lucia began attending classes at the near by Anglican Community of the Resurrection

mission. As the anger of her parents grew, so did their increasingly desperate measures to prevent Masemola from becoming Christian. These attempts included frequent beatings, hiding the girls clothes (so that she could not attend the classes), attempting to marry her off, and taking her to a Sangoma (African healer). Masemola began telling the priest she would be baptized in her own blood.

When all of these attempts failed, her parents led her to a remote hill side. It was there, on February 4, 1928, she was killed and buried behind a granite rock. Incredibly, her mother would convert and be baptized nearly forty years later.

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