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Pastor Rashid Emmanuel and Sajid

In July of 2010, a trade in the town of Faisalabad complained to police that his employees had been handed a pamphlet containing anti-Islamic writings. The complaint to police stated that there were two signatures on the pamphlet matching Rashid and his brother Sajid, two well known Christians (with Rashid being a local pastor).

On July 10th, several hundred demonstrators marched in the Waris Pura slum, home to over 100,000 Christians, breaking windows and vandalizing shops demanding that the two brothers be sentenced to death. The Catholic Church had multiple rocks thrown at it with windows and statues broken and tires burnt near the front.

The defense attorney for the brothers argued that no one "in their right mind" would create such a pamphlet and put their own signatures, addresses and phone numbers on it and that the entire complaint was fake. A key witness called for the defense was a graphologist who was scheduled to testify that the signatures did not match the two brother's signatures.

On July 19th, 2020, the court determined that they have no further investigation rights and planned on remanding the two brothers to Judicial custody until the next court date. Unfortunately, word began to spread that the brothers had been found innocent and so while the court was finishing for the session, crowds of extremist Muslims began marching on the court, waiting for the doors to open. As the two brothers were being escorted by police out of the court, gunfire erupted. Rashid Emmanuel was shot and killed immediately, and Sajid was shot while trying to cover his brother's body with his own. At the hospital, Sajid and the police officer escorting them were pronounced dead from their gunshot wounds.

Almost a year later, on April 21st, 2011, Maqsood Ahmed was convicted with the shooting and sentenced to death with a US $47,000 fine.

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