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Philippe Yarga

The Diocese of Dori lays in the middle of an overwhelming Muslim area in the country of Burkina Faso in central Africa. On the days leading up to February 16, parishioners were warned of the deteriorating security situation and that security forces were unable to guarantee their safety. Philippe Yarga, the catechist and community leader of the small town of Pansi in the Diocese had been leading a group of Catholics since 2017 attempted to slip away in the middle of the night to a neighboring town for safety.

Unfortunately, as Philippe left his house a group of armed men grabbed him and executed him. Eyewitnesses reported that the group of men killed all of the men in the village without any hesitation. Philippe left behind seven children, the youngest of whom was born 43 days after his death. His Bishop said that Philippe was

Enthusiastic and full of love for his ministry

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