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Saint Alexander of Bergamo

Saint Alexander of Bergamo was a Roman soldier and citizen of Bergamo who was tortured and ultimately martyred for refusing to recant his Christian faith.

During the Maximian persecution, tradition holds that Saint Alexander was a member of the Theban Legion - the leader of which was Saint Maurice . After surviving the decimation when the legion converted in masse to Christianity, Saint Alexander fled to Milan where he was again arrested for his Christian faith. While languishing in prison, Saint Fidelis and Saint Maternus visited him and aided in his escape from the prison. Now free again, Saint Alexander fled to Como but was quickly arrested yet again.

Following arrest in Como Saint Alexander was transferred back to Milan. He was condemned to death by decapitation here at Milan but survived when the executioner's arms went suddenly and inexplicably stiff. Incredibly Saint Alexander was able to escape this prison as well and fled to the twon of Bergamo and found refuge with a lord by the name of Crotacius. Crotacius begged Saint Alexander to lay low in an attempt to live through the persecution but Saint Alexander began to loudly preach to the townspeople of Bergamo, spreading the Gospel and converting many. Two prominent citizens of Bergamo - Saints Firmus and Rusticus were converted by his prison (and would later be martyred for their faith).

On August 26th, 303 AD, Saint Alexander was arrested for the final time. He was decapitated on the spot that is now occupied by the church of San Alessandro. Today Saint Alexander's feast is celebrated on August 26th in the Roman Catholic Church and September 22nd in the Orthodox tradition. He is often depicted as a soldier with a standard bearing a white lily.

Basilica di Sant'Alessandro in Colonna

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