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Saint Anysia of Salonika

Saint Anysia was born into a very wealthy and religious family in Salonika (part of Greece) around the year 284 AD. When her parents died, she sold all her possessions and gave the income to the poor despite the Maximian persecutions in full effect allowing Roman citizens to kill Christians with no punishment. In 304 AD, while walking in secret to Mass, a Roman soldier stopped her and realized she was Christian. He demanded she join him in celebrations being held for the festival of the sun. She first politely said no, but as he got more aggressive she adamantly refused causing the Roman soldier to begin to beat her in anger. She spat in his face when he tore her veil off, shouting

"My Lord Jesus Christ forbids you!"

Hearing those words was the last straw for him and he drew his sword, running it through her. At nightfall, hundreds of Christians gathered over her body and had it buried; soon a chapel was built over her grave.

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