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Saint Aquilinus of Milan

Saint Aquilinus was born in the town of Wurzburg and studied theology in Cologne. It was in the town of Cologne he was ordained a Priest and was offered the Bishopric of Cologne. Saint Aquilinus turned down this opportunity, choosing instead to preach across the countryside. His journeys first took him to Paris where he miraculously cured a group of Parisians suffering from Cholera. Afterwards he travelled to Pavia, preaching against the Cathars, Manichaeans and Arians who had set down roots in the city.

After successfully preaching against them, he left Pavia and travelled to Milan where a group of Arians stabbed him and his companion Constanzo to death. The murders threw Saint Aquilinus's body into a drain. Sometime later, the body was found and given a proper burial in the Basilica of San Lorenzo, Milan Italy. His feast day is celebrated on January 29th.

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