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Saint Christina of Persia

For some of us, conversion to Christianity is a labor of love, to others an easy transformation. For many in our modern world, conversion to Christianity brings a very real threat of physical death much like the conversion of Saint Christina of Persia.

Saint Christina (born Yazdo - ܟܪܣܛܝܢܐ in Syriac) was the daughter of Yazdin, son of Mihrzbiroi, the governor of Nisibis (a city in modern day Turkey). At a young age, she converted from the local religion, Zoroastrianism to the Church of the East, a death sentence in the 6th century. At her conversion , the biographer Babai the Great wrote:

"She was called Yazdoi when she was pagan, but in her new birth of adoption as a token of life, chose to be called Christina, a name that shall not pass"

Saint Christina was barbarically flogged with metal rods until she died. The Roman Catholic Church has declared her to be a martyr, having died in hatred of the faith. The writing for Saint Christina in the Official Roman Martyrology reads:

"In Persia, Saint Christina, martyr, who was flogged with rods and concluded the witness of martyrdom under King Chosroes I of the Persians."

The Syriac Orthodox and Catholic Church celebrates her feast on March 13th while the Eastern Orthodox celebrates on the 14th. She is often depicted with a martyr's palm and a cross in the opposite hand.

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