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Saint Chrysolius

Saint Chrysolius was born originally in Amernia who was forced to flee to Rome during the Diocletian persecutions. Pope Marcellus I took him in for shelter before assigning him to northeast Gaul. Upon his arrival he began to evangelize to the people living in Verlengehem and became a mentor of Saint Denis. He travelled with Saint Piatus to the areas of Cambrai and Tournai where they continued to spread the Gospel. Sometime shortly after, Saint Chrysolius was consecrated Bishop.

One day while walking he was stopped by Roman Soldiers who demanded he renounce his Christian faith. When he refused, he was decapitated - the top of his skull was sliced off. One legend holds that the skull was broken into three pieces and a miraculous spring popped up where each fell to the ground. The legend continues telling that Saint Chrysolius gathered the pieces of his skull as he began to die and walked into the town of Komen, where he finally died.

Today his feast is celebrated on February 7th.

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