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Saint Eadberht of Lindisfarne

In 688, Saint Eadberht became the Bishop of Lindisfarne (an island off the northern coast of England). He succeeded Saint Wilfrid who had served as bishop for only a year. Before saint Wilfrid was the very famous Saint Cuthbert and Saint Eadberht's rise to Bishop came while a growing number of miracles were being attested to at Saint Cuthbert's tomb.

Saint Eadberht was known for his devotion of service in the bishopric and would often spend great amounts of time in solitude and prayer. He was also known for his love of poverty and gave a way a tenth of all animals, crops, fruits and clothing owned by the diocese to the poor. He was instrumental in having the wooden church built by Bishop Finan updated by covering the walls and roof with lead to ensure a more sturdy structure.

In 698 Saint Eadberht granted permission for Saint Cuthbert's remains to be elevated (the body was found to be incorrupt). Saint Cuthbert's body was placed in a new, above ground shrine to allow pilgrims access to the relics. Shortly after moving the relics to the new shrine Saint Eadberht fell ill and died (May 6th, 698). He was buried in the grave that originally held Saint Cuthbert's remains and was moved to Durham in 875 when the monks left the island. His feast day is now celebrated on May 6th.

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