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Saint Indract of Glastonbury

Saint Indract (sometimes spelled Indracht) was a deacon and the son of an Irish King. In the 12th century Passio sancti Indracti it is written that Saint Indract and nine of his companions travelled to Rome on pilgrimage. Upon their return they stopped at Glastonbury so that they could visit the Shrine of Saint Patrick there. A thegn of the local King, a man named Husa, caught wind of the group staying at Glastonbury and believed they were bringing back a large sum of gold with them.

In the middle of the night they ambushed Saint Indract and killed him alongside the other companions. After an unknown miracle, King Ine, the King who had sent his thegn on the mission, had the bodies buried at the nearby church of Saint Mary. Today their feast day is celebrated on May 8th.

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