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Saint Philip the Apostle

Saint Philip the Apostle was born in Bethsaida and was personally called by Jesus to be an Apostle. He is listed in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke and is also listed as an Apostle in the Acts of the Apostles. Through these Gospels we know that Saint Philip was present at the miracle of feeding the crowd with flish and bread and was the Apostle that was approached by Hellenistic Jews to be introduced to Jesus.

According to tradtiaion, Saint Philip was sent with his sister Mariamne and Bartholomew to spread the Gospel in Greece, Phygia and Syria. After he converted the wife of the proconsul in Hierapolis, the proconsul had all three arrested and tortured. Philip and Bartholomew were sentenced to death by crucifiction upside down but the crowd was so moved by Saint Philip that they convinced the proconsul to allow their release. Saint Philip though, refused and continued to preach while being crucified. The relics of Saint Philip are located in the crypt of the Santi Apostoli Basilica in Rome.

Saint Philip is honored with the feast day of May 3rd alongside Saint James the Lesser.

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