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Saint Prosper of Reggio

Saint Prosper was the Bishop of Reggio Emilia for twenty two years of the diocese of Reggio Emilia. He built the church of San Prospero in the town, though it was originally dedicated to Saint Apollinaris. Most of his early life is unknown though records indicae he died around 466 AD in the Reggio. Many years after his death, in 703, his relics were translated to a newly built church. This new church had been built by the Bishop Thomas, a subsequent Bishop of Reggio and the relics were laid alongside Saint Venerius the Hermit and Saints Cosmas and Damian. His relics were moved again in the 10th century when Bishop Ermenaldo transported them to the Cathedral of Santa Maria in the center of the city. The Cathedral was consecrated by Pope Gregory V in 997 and Saint Propser's body is under the great altar of the cathedral.

His feast day is celebrated on June 25th in most calendars and on November 24th in Reggio Emilia.

Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus, Saint Bernard and Saint Prosper

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