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Saint Vindicianus

Saint Vindicianus (in some spellings Vindician) was born around 632 AD in the town of Bullecourt, near Bapaume in the modern day department of Hauts-de-France region of France. History of his early life has been lost but it is known that he was elected as Bishop following the death of Saint Aubert, Bishop of Camria-Arras. In 673 AD he supervised the translation of the body of Saint Maxellende to Caudri and consecrated the monastery of Honnecourt sur l'Escaut. Over the next few years he completed the Monastery of Saint Vaast and consecrated a church at Hasnon.

Much like the history of his early years, the cause of his death has been lost. He died sometime around 712 AD and was buried at Mont-St-Eloi. Due to frequent incursions by the Normans that threatened his relics, Bishop Gerard I of Cambrai had his body moved to Douai and Arras. The body was finally interred at the Cathedral in Arras. Today his feast day is celebrated on March 11 in both the Roman Catholic church and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

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