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Saint Volusian of Tours

Saint Volusianus or Volusian was the Bishop of Tours (a city now in modern day France). The Bishoporic of Tours had recently become popular from a predecessor, Saint Martin of Tours. During the time of his leadership, the region was under increasing pressure from both barbarian invasions and the invasion of the Visigoths. He was related to his immediate predecessor, Bishop Perpetuus, was of senatorial rank, and was famously married to a woman with a very quick and violent temper. Once, while writing to Bishop Ruricius (a friend and Bishop of Limoges) Saint Volusian began to express his physical fear of the invading Visigoths. Bishop Ruricius replied, saying that one who has lived with terror inside his own house should not be afraid of terrors outside.

Though he was consecrated Bishop while Clovis was still King of the Franks, the Visigoths soon invaded Saint Volusian's diocese, forcing him into exile. It was while he was in exile in either France or Spain, having served as Bishop for 7 years. Most of his history comes from his successor, Saint Gregory of Tours. His feast day is set for January 18th and continues as the patron saint of Foix, France.

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