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Saints Faustinus and Jovita

Both saints were brothers that were born and lived in Brescia. They came from a rich and noble family and after their education took religious orders. Saint Jovita was consecrated as a priest and his younger brother Faustinus a Deacon. Both were arrested for their faith during the persecutions of Emperor Hadrian in 120 AD. After multiple terrible tortures, the two brothers were beheaded at Brescia.

Since the traditional date of their martyrdom was February 15th, the date has been long used as their feast day in the General Roman Calendar. Though the "Acts" of the two Saints has been called into question from a historical perspective, their existence and martyrdom was attested by multiple extremely early written martyrologies and traditions in Brescia. From the early periods of the Church the two Saints have been venerated as the Patron Saints of Brescia. Their relics can be found in Rome, Bologna and Verona in addition to Brescia.

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