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Saints Gurias and Samonas

The two friends were preachers in the ancient city of Edessa and were arrested under Emperor Dioclecian. When the two were arrested, they were offered their freedom if only they made public sacrifice to the Roman gods. Not only did they refuse - they also boldly proclaimed their Christian faith to their captors. For several days the two were subjected to torture including being beaten, hung by their hands and held in a tiny solitary cell. Through it all, neither would recount their faith.

A witness to Saint Samonas wrote:

“O Lord my God, against Whose will not a single sparrow falls into the snare. It was You Who made room for David in his sorrow (Ps. 4:1), Who proved the Prophet David stronger than lions (Dan. ch. 6), and granted a child of Abraham to be victor over torture and flames (Dan. ch. 3, ch. 14). You know also, Lord, the infirmity of our nature, You see the struggle set before us. Our foe strives to snatch us, the work of Your right hand, away from You and to deprive us of the glory which is in You. With Your compassionate eye watching over us, preserve in us the inextinguishable light of Your Commandments. Guide our steps by Your light, and make us worthy of Your Kingdom, for You are blessed unto ages of ages.”

Soon after, the two were taken outside of the city and beheaded them around 306 AD. Their relics were buried alongside Saint Habibus and all three are venerated on November 15th.

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