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Sister Lydie Oyane Nzgouhe

Sister Lydie dedicated her life and entire being to serving Christ through the Saint John Fraternity and the Gabonese Youth Eucharistic Movement (also a member of the Holy Mary Congregation) by serving the elderly that had been abandoned by their families. On March 20th, a Friday in 2020, Sister Lydie's body was found in her room in the Center d'accueil Fraternite Saint Jean in Libreville Gabon. The murder shocked not only the locals but the country at large. The First Lady of Gabon, Sylvia Ondimba expressed her shock and sorrow saying:

“I am deeply saddened by the cruel mourning that has just struck the body of Christ in Gabon. Sister Lydie, whose whole life was consecrated to the service of others, has gone away, victim of a barbaric act that took her life. Nothing, really nothing can justify this act.

I offer my sincere condolences to her family and to the religious community and to all those who, at some point in their lives, found refuge and comfort with her at the Saint John Fraternity Reception Centre,”

The man responsible for this terrible murder did small jobs around the center relying on tips. After assaulting and killing Sister Lydie, the man went home to his girlfriend and presented her with the phone and ~$200 he had stolen. When she saw the nun's photo on the phone, she immediately confronted him demanding that he go see a Priest or lawyer and turn himself in. He left and went to the parish of the Magi where he confessed and turned himself in for the crime.

A friend, Vanmiled Moudiangou Wonga wrote

“May your soul rest in peace sister, may the Good Lord welcome you into his home.... It's so very unfair and so atrocious the way you left this world,”

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