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Saint Abibus of Edessa

Born around 307 AD, Saint Abibus was born in the city of Edessa, an ancient city of Mesotomatia. During the reign of Emperor Licinius, he was arrested for spreading Christianity with great zeal - he had recently been ordained as a deacon. When news of his arrest was known to Saint Abibus, he turned himself in to the Roman Authorities so that no other Christians would be harmed or tortured during the search for himself.

The Romans sentenced him to be burned at the stake and Saint Abibus willingly walked into the flames already lit at the stake. Once the flames had subsided afterwards, his mother and relatives took the body away finding it completely unharmed (though he had perished in the fire). His relics were taken by Christians and buried with the fellow martyrs Gurias and Samonas. The three Saints and Martyrs are honored as the Avengers of Unfulfilled Contracts and his death is officially listed in the Synaxaristes as 322 AD. He is venerated on November 15th alongside Saints Gurias and Samonas.

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