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Saint Eleutherius the Abbot

While we don't know much regarding his early life, we do know several stories of his time as Abbot of Saint Mark's monastery near Spoleto Italy.

One such story when a child arrived at the monastery stating that he had been possessed by something diabolical. Saint Eleutherius taught him, mentored him and when the monks noticed the child had been seemingly cured declared

Since the child is among the servants of God, the devil dares not approach him

Reeking of vanity, the devil retook possession of the boy. It was only when the Abbot confessed his fault and undertook a long fast with the community that the child was again free from possession.

The second story came from the time of Saint Gregory the Great. Saint Gregory found himself unable to fast on Holy Saturday due to an illness and called for Saint Eleutherius to come and pray for him. After Saint Eleutherius gathered towns people and began a rigorous time of prayer, the Pope came out of the church and immediately was strengthened and able to finish the requested fast. Saint Gregory the Great would write of Saint Eleutherius:

He was so simple a man, one of such great penance, that we must not doubt that Almighty God granted much to his tears and his humility!

Saint Eleutherius died in Rome at Saint Andrew's Monastery, sometime in the year of 585.

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