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Saint Herve

Saint Herve, also known as Saint Harvey or Huva, was one of the most famous Breton Saints. Saint Herve was born around the year 521 in the town of Guimiliau and was the son of a bard named Hyvarnion. The ancient accounts of his life tell that he was born blind and lived alongside a disciple by the name of Guiharan as a hermit for quite sometime as a child until joining the monastic school at Plouvien, France. He migrated to Brittany alongside his uncles after his teenage years. It was written that he had a miraculous power through God to heal animals and had domesticated a wolf that he had helped heal.

One day the wolf living as a pet ate the donkey that Saint Herve used to plow the fields with. The following afternoon Saint Herve preached an eloquent and intense sermon to a group that had gathered near his home and the wolf was so moved by it that he begged to pull the plow that the donkey had previously pulled. The story continues that from that day forward the wolf plowed the fields each day.

As for Saint Herve himself, he refused any ordination except that of the position of exorcist and consistently turned down any honors during his life time. At Lanhourneau he helped direct the construction of a large abbey. After his death in 556, Saint Herve was buried at Lanhouarneau in Brittany. Almost immediately his fame spread throughout Brittany. Today his feast is celebrated on June 17th and considered the patron saint of the blind, bards and eye disease.

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